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Q: Will claiming these Allowances affect my Capital Gains Tax liability?

Q: Who can claim Capital Allowances?

Q: Can any business claim?

Q: My partner and I pay different rates of tax, 40% and 20%. How does the tax refund split?

Q: Isn't this a new tax avoidance scheme?

Q: When I buy or sell a property why do I and my solicitor need to know about S198?

Q: How much will it cost me to have one of your surveys?


We are able to help many clients with these and other tax questions because we are specialist tax advisors.

We are here to help you and your accountant in this very complex area of tax law.

We have a 10 year 100% success record in submitting claims to HMRC.

Frequently asked questions

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We take pride in making our illustrations of your likely tax savings, both now and in future years, as close to reality as possible. They will always be subject to the survey of your property and your current tax situation. The illustration will help you decide whether to go ahead or not.

Every property is different and every tax situation is unique, so we do need an initial discussion about you and your property, to help us prepare your illustration.

Please ring Bill Loryman or fill in the form below;

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